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Headlamps - V-series

ALPIN, Mountaineering magazine - 2018

May 2018 - Suprabeam V3air is names the winner of ALPIN's big headlamp test. The V3air beat the competition from many other leading brands

Simon James, Mountaineering blog - 2016
V4pro rechargeable

"It's the brightest, neatest head torch I've used. It continues the Suprabeam theme of high quality, light-weight, comfortable, stable and super bright and rechargeable."

Simon James, Mountaineering blog - 06/2014

"First impressions, great packaging, bit like the same you get when you are opening up an Apple product which is definitely both pleasing and a great way to add to the feel of a quality product.", danish test-site - 12/2014
V3air rechargeable - View in English

"All in all, the V3air rechargeable is a cool and functional headlamp, which definitely can be recommended, if you need light in the darker winter months."

Peter Macfarlane, - 09/2014
V3air - group (1) test

"Suprabeam have trimmed the V3 down and there’s just what you need at a decent price, there’s even a wee a padded carry case with it"

Simon James, Mountainerring blog - 02/2015
V3pro rechargeable

"An excellent bit of kit, light-weight, comfortable, stable and super bright with the added bonus of being rechargeable - perfect for regular night running, but a little heavier than the Air. You'll probably be one of the brightest people out there.", danish test-site - 02/2014
V3pro rechargeable (V3r) - View in English

"An extraordinary headlamp for all-arounds use, in high quality."

The new 2015 version V3pro rechargeable is improved, and delivers an impressive 400LM.

Video review by Trail Ferret
V3pro rechargeable (V3r)

The new 2015 version V3pro rechargeable is improved, and delivers an impressive 400LM.

Torches - Q-series, danish test-site - 01/2015
Q4xr - View in English

"Suprabeam Q4xr is literally a really good torch. Made after the principles of keeping it simple. It is easy to use, and the material is highly durable with a nice finish"

Video review by The Survival Channel - 10/2015
Q3defend - video

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