S3 rechargeable headlamp - S-series

Suprabeam S3 rechargeable headlamp, runtime Suprabeam S3 rechargeable headlamp, runtime
Suprabeam S3 rechargeable headlamp, runtime Suprabeam S3 rechargeable headlamp, runtime

Red light

Preserves your night vision

The S3 rechargeable features a single red LED which delivers an impressive 30 lumens. This makes this red-light headlamp one of the most powerful on the market. The red LED can easily be activated, and has two levels: 10/30 lumens.

The red light is useful when you want to see in the dark, without loosing your night vision. Further on, the red light don't disturb sleepers, and this makes the S3 rechargeable perfect when you need light but don't want to wake up your camp mates.

Dual Energy Concept

Innovative and flexible battery system

S3 rechargeable is designed with the brand new Suprabeam Dual Energy Concept, which makes it compatible with both rechargeable Li-Po batteries, and regular AAA Alkaline batteries. This flexible battery system gives you the environmental advantages of Li-Po batteries and the easy-to-get Alkaline batteries.

If you take your S3 rechargeable on a trip and run out of power, you can easily swap the rechargeable battery for AAA alkalines. As the S3 rechargeable has internal charging built in the battery, you can aquire an extra battery, if you prefer the longer runtimes you get with the rechargeable Li-Po battery.

Quality materials

Advanced combinations of plastics for maximum strength

The plastic parts on the S3 rechargeable are made up by different plastic compositions to obtain maximum strength and durability. This does not only ensure that the headlamp can survive tough handling, but it keeps the wear parts lasting much longer.

The headband features two silicone stripes on the inside, to ensure that headlamp stays in place at all times. For maximum comfort the headlamp has been fitted with a foam pad against the forehead. The headband can be easily adjusted while wearing it, by pulling the two plastic clips forward or backward.

High quality switch tested for real use

Switch and light control

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The two-button system in the S3 rechargeable is designed to be simple and precise. The buttons are solid silicone with an extra traction surface, which makes S3 rechargeable easy to operate, even with gloves or wet hands. The buttons are placed on the right side of the headlamp, and they are easy to operate when wearing the headlamp. The buttons are marked with a white and a red ring, that indicates which button controls which LED.

The white LED has three steps (MAX, MEDIUM, LOW)
and the red LED has two (MAX, LOW).

S3 rechargeable Quick guide

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Rechargeable lithium battery

Rechargeable Batteries

Environmentally friendly

Save Money - While rechargeable batteries cost more initially, they can be reused hundreds of times and last for years, if used properly.

Protect the Environment - Batteries contain corrosive materials and heavy metals. Their manufacture, transportation and disposal can impair human health and the environment- In California, batteries are banned from landfills and must be either recycled or handled as hazardous waste. Using rechargeable batteries greatly reduces the number of overall batteries required and disposed of.

Conserve Resources, Prevent Waste - Because rechargeable batteries can be used over and over, far fewer need to be manufactured and transported than when using single-use disposable batteries.

Warning - Rechargeable battery Proper usage and safe handling of lithium batteries.

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