Q5xr defend Tactical Torch / Flashlight - Q Series

  • Suprabeam Q5xr with internal charging
  • Suprabeam Q5xr with internal charging
  • Suprabeam Q5xr with internal charging
  • Suprabeam Q5xr with internal charging
  • Suprabeam Q5xr with internal charging
  • Suprabeam Q5xr with internal charging
  • Suprabeam Q5xr with internal charging

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Q7xr rechargeable powerful flashlight runtime boost Q7xr rechargeable LED flashlight runtime high
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High quality switch tested for real use

Tactical Features

Anti Roll Ring, Black Anodizing, Strike Bezels, Instant Strobe

Anti Roll ring
The Q5xr defend comes with the practical Anti-Roll ring which can be put on the torch if needed. The Anti-Roll ring prevents the torch from rolling away, even on tilted surfaces. It also enhances the grip, and secures the torch when fastening it in straps etc.

Black Anodizing
As all our defend torches, the Q5xr defend comes in a tactical black color that blends in with the surroundings at nighttime. The Q5xr defend separates itself by being anodized, so you still have the top-quality metal feel when holding the torch.

Strike Bezel
Both ends of the torch has been designed as strike bezels, making it possible to break lighter surfaces with both ends.

Instant Strobe
Q5xr defend has been programmed with an instant strobe function, which quickly can be activated from any mode while the torch is turned on. Simply press and hold to active the strobe function, and release to stop the strobe light. Strobe light can confuse and disorient anybody who looks directly at it.

High quality switch tested for real use

Internal Charging

Wall-mounted charging station

Q5xr defend is the first Suprabeam torch to feature internal charging. The torch is charged in the included wall charger, which can be mounted on practically any surface. Just slide the torch head forward and place the torch in the wall charger to charge the torch. The torch indicates that the charge is in progress by flashing a red or green light in the charging rings to indicate the battery level.

The wall charger is perfect for mounting in a workshop, at a police station or in a vehicle. With the wall charger you always know where to find the torch, and it is always fully charged and ready for use.

Q3 high quality torch head

Quality Materials

High quality aluminum, Tactical Black anodized

All of our torches are made from High Strength Aluminium, which is anodized in Suprabeam's signature colour Suprabeam Tactical Black. Using aluminum has many advantages; it gives a sturdy and durable torch, that can withstand being used. Our aluminum body also works as a big heat-sink, ensuring that the LED is being cooled properly

The High quality of craftsmanship going in to our torches, ensures that our products always perform as they were intended to do. A smooth sliding focus, a solid metal touch switch, highly efficient optics, ripped ergonomic handle ensuring you a firm grip. All of the things combined is what makes a Suprabeam.

High quality switch tested for real use

Electronic Switch

Programmable light modes

The intelligent electronic switch in the Q5xr defend gives you the opportunity to choose between two different light modes:


To switch between the light modes simply click the button 4 times, and on the 5th press and hold until the torch signals the mode change with the light.

If you often use the torch on LOW or MEDIUM, it is practical for the torch to start in LOW, so your eyes won’t adjust to MAX. The electronic switch also enables you to use both instant strobe and the inspection light.

Suprabeam hyperfocus animation


Focus from wide floodlight to narrow spotlight

Suprabeam Hyperfocus and Rapid Focus Change

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Rechargeable lithium battery

Rechargeable Batteries

Environmentally friendly

Save Money - While rechargeable batteries cost more initially, they can be reused hundreds of times and last for years, if used properly.

Protect the Environment - Batteries contain corrosive materials and heavy metals. Their manufacture, transportation and disposal can impair human health and the environment- In California, batteries are banned from landfills and must be either recycled or handled as hazardous waste. Using rechargeable batteries greatly reduces the number of overall batteries required and disposed of.

Conserve Resources, Prevent Waste - Because rechargeable batteries can be used over and over, far fewer need to be manufactured and transported than when using single-use disposable batteries.

Warning - Rechargeable battery Proper usage and safe handling of lithium batteries.