Q2 Torch / Flashlight - Q Series

  • Suprabeam Q2 LED flashlight with focus
  • Suprabeam Q2 LED torch, premium tested switch
  • Q2 premium LED torch designed in Denmark
  • Suprabeam Q2 LED flashlight product packaging
  • High quality torch with focus and premium materials

Q2 Lumens, runtime and light angle stats
Q2 Flashlight, Weight, light range and battery type
Q2 flashlight runtime on boost
Q2 LED flashlight runtime on low
Q2 LED torch head

Quality Materials

High quality aluminum, space grey anodized

All of our torches are made from High Strength Aluminium, which is anodized in Suprabeam's signature colour Suprabeam grey. Using aluminum has many advantages; it gives a sturdy and durable torch, that can withstand being used. Our aluminum body also works as a big heat-sink, ensuring that the LED is being cooled properly

The High quality of craftsmanship going in to our torches, ensures that our products always perform as they were intended to do. A smooth sliding focus, a solid silicone touch switch, highly efficient optics, ripped ergonomic handle ensuring you a firm grip. All of the things combined is what makes a Suprabeam.

Explore the Q2

Use the magnifying glass to examine the torch closer

Explore the small and compact Q2 LED Flashlight with sliding hyperfocus

High quality switch tested for real use

Switch and Controller

High and Low 

The switch inside a Suprabeam torch is first grade electronics, ensuring a long lifetime and correct functionality every time.

The switch is a metal button with Touch function at rear, allowing you to step through the light modes without activating the switch completely. The different light functions are controlled by ILC = Intelligent Light Control

High = Sustainable high light output
Low = Long term low light output

Suprabeam hyperfocus Q2 animation


Focus from wide floodlight to narrow spotlight

Suprabeam Hyperfocus and Rapid Focus Change

Save money on batteries and protect the environment

Save money
by being environmentally sound

Use high end rechargeable batteries with your Suprabeam flashlight

A Suprabeam flashlight is a high drain device, which makes it ideal to use with rechargeable batteries. You will have the same great Suprabeam light, be environmentally sound and save money. Here is a quick example to llustrate the difference between rechargeable and alkaline.

In the chart you can see the difference between using Alkaline and rechargeable batteries in your Q2 flashlight. We estimate that the 1XAA batteries will be changed after 10 hours of use. The prices on batteries are market prices for high end Energizer Alkaline and high end rechargeable Eneloop batteries.