Terms and Conditions - B2B

Suprabeam Wholesaler – Business Partner terms and conditions

The intention of this document is to inform about your consumer rights and duties when shopping on
The website/webshop is owned by:

Suprabeam/Steiner A/S 
P. O. Pedersens Vej 14A
8200 Aarhus N
Phone: +45 87 52 52 12
CVR-nr.: 10 03 15 67

 1. Price Rise
Steiner A/S reserves the right to raise prices, if Steiner A/S experiences changes in cost of commodities, public taxes, tolls, duty, fees and other changes which make price raises necessary.

 2. Complaints
All technical enquiries shall be asked directly to The enquiries will ongoingly be answered. All complaints must be sent digitally via our menu in the B2B-webshop, the complaints will be processed in accordance with our standard complaints procedure and the customer will subsequently get a response to the complaint.

 2.1 Procedure
The customer must contact Suprabeam by filling out the complaint form through the online B2B webshop portal, with an explanation of the fault/defect. Any spare parts or complete replaced products, will be shipped together with the following order. If a product is completely defect or the customer is in doubt about where the fault is, you need to ship the respective products after consultation with the sales team. Products are only received after an individual agreement with the sales team. We are therefore capable of denying reception of the returned goods, if the wholesaler does not advise it in advance. All shipment expenses of returned goods lay on the customer and not Suprabeam.

- Upon reception, all products will be reviewed in appliance to our standard test procedure and Repair and Troubleshooting Guide. A complete overview is reviewed with the sales team before a replacement of a spare part of the entire product takes place.

 3. Substitution
All products can be replaced with either new parts of a completely new product. This happens after an agreement with the sales person, sales team and the customer. Steiner A/S does not issue credit notes as a substitution for the complaint, but assists with a new spare part or product. The substitution of parts or complete products will be shipped with the next order from the customer.

Order Placement and Privacy

 4. Placing an order
The order confirmation is a receipt that we have received your order. You will recieve an invoice within 2 days on your e-mail. Suprabeam has the possibility to cancel the order due to printing errors, technical problems, delivery failure or other similar situations. A legally binding order confirmation / invoice will be sent to you when we have shipped your order.

 5. Privacy policy
Suprabeam is obligated to protect your privacy and security as a user of the Suprabeam webshop.

All the information provided by the customer associated with shopping on our webshop, is only to be used to give a smooth and easy shopping experience. The information is handled according to applicable legislation regarding data safety

When you place an order you also give your consent that we can storage, handle and use the data collected during placement of the order. We are in cooperation with other companies, which help us deliver products and services to you. For an instance we will transfer your information to these companies in order to get your products delivered to you, or ensure that you receive the benefits or discounts associated with your purchase. We reserve the right to use your information, in order to send you relevant information, special deals, or promotion material.

 6. Cancellation of an order
Orders which are not fully executed can be cancelled by contacting our customer service.

 7. Prices
Unless anything else is specified and agreed, all prices shown in EUR or DKK is including 25% Danish VAT. Reservations are made towards changes in tax, prices, and proofreading errors etc.

 8. Payment
Payment for ordered goods has to be paid by invoice or online, by using one of the following payment cards: VISA, Mastercard etc. Credit card information transmitted between customer and Suprabeam are encrypted. Personal information (name, address etc.) are not encrypted. Currently we accept the following payment cards: VISA, VISA Dankort and Mastercard. The payment is withdrawn from your payment card once your order is shipped from our warehouse.

 9. Security
Suprabeam has a partnership with STRIPE, and uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This means that all information which are transmitted over the internet when shopping on our webshop is encrypted and safe. Neither Suprabeam nor others have access to your informations.

There is no encryption when browsing our website, but when you start filling out your payment applications like, credit card number, expiry date etc. you are in a secure area. In the secure area all data are encrypted. When your credit card has been validated and approved you will automatically receive an order confirmation.

Suprabeam will not receive your credit card number or the expiry date. Suprabeam only receives information that the amount has been reserved on your credit card, and that it will be paid out as soon as Suprabeam ships your goods. When the goods are shipped your account will be updated, and you will receive an invoice by e-mail. You are not liable for any possible abuse of your credit card in an internet shop that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

10. Cookies
To ensure that you get the best possible experience while using the Suprabeam webshop, Suprabeam uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer's hard drive, smartphone or other devices. The cookie makes it possible to recognize your computer/IP-address and gather information about which sides and functions you use during a visit.

If you don’t want us to use cookies, you have to disable cookies in your browser. Be aware that there might be some functions and services you will not be able to use, because these functions demand cookies in order to remember the choices you make.

Some cookies are stored until you close your browser and some are stored for a longer period of time.

11. Shipping and delivery
Suprabeam endeavour to ship your goods within 1-4 days (on goods shipped as a parcel delivery) after receiving your order. Unless otherwise is agreed in the buying process.

Delivery costs will depend on the amount of goods, and where the goods are to be delivered etc. You are always able to see the entire shipping cost when you order on the Suprabeam webshop.

Unless anything else is agreed, you will be entitled to cancel your order if you have not received the ordered goods 14 days after ordering.

Suprabeam has the responsibility for the goods until you receive them. Suprabeam ships world wide.

12. Warranty
In compliance with the sales of goods act Suprabeam offers a 24 months warranty on all goods. On goods with a limited lifespan the warranty is limited to the lifespan usually applicable for these goods (batteries).

If you recognize any faults or defects on the purchased goods, you should as a consumer contact Suprabeam as soon as possible, and explain the fault or defect on the goods.

Warranty complaints have to be address to our customer service. If the product has faults or defects, Suprabeam will repair or exchange the product.

13. Reservations and disclaimer
Suprabeam make reservations towards possible changes in taxes, price, proofing errors, technical faults, sold out goods, and force majeure, including work conflicts or delays caused by subcontractors.

14. Validity of terms and conditions
These terms and conditions are applicable from the d. 15-05-2014


Handelsbetingelser for B2B kunder

Suprabeam Forhandler - handelsvilkår

Aftalevilkår for handel på Suprabeam Webshop
Hensigten med denne side er at informere om dine rettigheder og pligter, når du handler på 

Websitet/webshoppen er ejet af:

Suprabeam/Steiner A/S 
P. O. Pedersens Vej 14A
8200 Aarhus N
Telefon: +45 87 52 52 12
CVR-nr.: 10 03 15 67

 1. Prisforhøjelse
Steiner A/S forbeholder sig retten til prisændringer, såfremt der sker ændringer ift. Steiner A/S, i form af råmaterialer, i offentlige afgifter – herunder toldsatser – samt andre ændringer der gør det nødvendig at ændre priserne.

 2. Reklamation
Alle tekniske forespørgsler bedes kunder rette direkte til Her vil forespørgslerne blive håndteret løbende. Reklamationerne skal indsendes digitalt via menuen i B2B webshoppen, indsendte reklamationer vil blive bearbejdet ud fra vores standard reklamationsprocedure og kunden vil efterfølgende få en tilbagemelding.

 2.1 Procedure
Kunden retter henvendelse ved modtagelse af reklamationen med en redegørelse for manglens/fejlens omfang ved at udfyldereklamations formularen online på B2B webshop portalen. Eventuelle reservedele eller komplet ombyttede varer vil blive fremsendt sammen med næst kommende ordre. - Såfremt et produkt er total defekt eller kunden er i tvivl om hvor fejlen er, bedes de fremsende de respektive produkter efter aftale med salgsteamet. Varer modtages kun retur efter særskilt aftale med salgsteamet. Vi kan derfor nægte og modtage returvarer, hvis vores kunde ikke har adviseret om dette. Alle omkostningerne ved en returforsendelse er for kundens regning.

- Efterfølgende gennemgås alle produkter i henhold til vores standard test procedure og Repair and Troubleshooting Guide. En samlet oversigt gennemgås med sælger inden der foretages udskiftning af dele eller erstatning af komplette lygter.

 3. Erstatning
Alle produkter kan erstattes enten med nye dele eller et komplet nyt produkt og det sker efter aftale mellem sælger, salgsteamet og kunden. Steiner A/S udsteder ikke kreditnota, som erstatning for den respektive reklamation, men i stedet en ny del eller produkt. Erstatning af dele eller komplette produkter vil blive fremsendt med næst kommende ordre fra kunden.

Ordreafgivelse og privatliv

 4. Afgivelse af ordre
Når du har afgivet en varebestilling via vores hjemmeside, vil vores system automatisk sende dig en e-mail, hvoraf det fremgår, hvilke produkter du har bestilt.
Du skal være opmærksom på, at det automatiske svar blot er en ordrebekræftelse, og du indenfor 2 dage via e-mail vil modtage din faktura til betaling.

Der er alene tale om en elektronisk kvittering for modtagelse af din bestilling. Suprabeam har derfor mulighed for at annullere bestillingen som følge af trykfejl, tekniske problemer, leveringssvigt og lignende situationer. Bindende ordrebekræftelse/ faktura sendes til dig, når vi har afsendt de varer du har bestilt. 

 5. Personpolitik
Suprabeam er forpligtiget til at beskytte dit privatliv og sikkerhed som bruger af Suprabeams webshop.

Alle oplysninger, der er leveret af kunden i forbindelse med shopping på vores hjemmeside skal udelukkende bruges til at sikre en nem og bekvem shopping oplevelse. Information behandles i nøje overensstemmelse med alle gældende databeskyttelsesbestemmelser, der er fastsat af forbrugerlovgivningen.

Når du afgiver bestilling, giver du dit samtykke til, at vi må opbevare, behandle og bruge de data, der indsamles via bestillingen der afgives, til at behandle din bestilling. Vi samarbejder med andre firmaer, der hjælper os med at levere produkter og serviceydelser til dig. Vi kan f.eks. videregive dine oplysninger til disse firmaer i forbindelse med afsendelse af produkterne til dig eller for at sikre, at du kan drage fordel af specielle rabatter eller betingelser ved køb. Vi forbeholder os retten til at bruge dine oplysninger, til at fremsende relevant information eller fordelagtige tilbud til dig. Suprabeam er forpligtiget til at beskytte dit privatliv og sikkerhed som bruger af Suprabeam.

 6. Annullering af ordre
Ordrer der endnu ikke er effektueret af Suprabeam, kan annulleres ved at kontakte vores kundeservice.

 7. Priser
Medmindre andet er angivet, er alle angivne priser i danske kroner og inklusiv 25% moms. Angivne priser gælder kun for ordrer til levering i Danmark. Der tages forbehold for afgiftsændringer, pris- og korrekturfejl mv.

 8. Betaling
Betaling for bestilte varer skal ske via faktuering eller Visakort, Mastercard mv. Kortoplysingerne transmitteres krypteret mellem kunde og Suprabeam. Personoplysninger (navn, adresse osv) krypteres dog ikke. Vi accepterer i øjeblikket disse indbetalingskort: VISA, VISA Dankort og Mastercard. Betaling trækkes fra dit kort når din ordre er blevet afsendt fra vores lager.

 9. Sikkerhed
Suprabeam har et partnerskab med STRIPE, og benytter SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Dette betyder, at alle oplysninger, der sendes over internettet i forbindelse med et køb er sikker og krypteret. Hverken Suprabeam eller andre har mulighed for at se dine oplysninger.

 10. Cookies
Suprabeam bruger cookies for at give dig den bedst mulige oplevelse, når du besøger vores hjemmeside. En cookie er en lille tekstfil, der anbringes på din computers harddisk, smartphone eller andet it-udstyr. Den gør det muligt at genkende din computer/IP-adresse og samle information om, hvilke sider og funktioner du besøger.

Ønsker du ikke, at vi bruger cookies, skal du slå cookies fra i din browser. Du skal dog være opmærksom på, at der i så fald kan være services og funktioner, du ikke kan bruge, fordi de kræver cookies til at huske de valg, du foretager.

Nogle cookies gemmes til du lukker din browser ned, mens andre gemmes i længere tid.

 11. Forsendelse og levering
Suprabeam bestræber sig på at afsende de varer, du har bestilt, inden for 1-4 hverdage (på varer sendt med pakkepost) efter, at vi har modtaget din bestilling, med mindre andet er aftalt i købsprocessen.

Fragtomkostningerne vil bl.a. afhænge af antallet af varer,og hvor varerne skal leveres etc. Du kan altid se de samlede leveringsomkostninger, når du bestiller varer på 

Med mindre andet aftales, vil du være berettiget til at hæve købet, hvis du ikke har modtaget de bestilte varer senest 14 dage efter, at du har afgivet din bestilling.

Suprabeam bærer ansvaret for varerne, indtil du har modtaget dem. Suprabeam leverer i hele verden

12. Garanti
I overensstemmelse med salg af varer giver Suprabeam 24 måneder garanti på alle produkter. På varer med en begrænset levetid, er garantien begrænet til det almindelige brug for disse produkter (batterier).

Hvis du finder nogen fejl eller defekter på dine købte varer, skal du henvende dig til vores kunde service hurtigst muligt, og forklare fejlen eller defekten på varen.

Garanti reklamation skal addresseres til vores kunde service. Hvis produktet har fejl eller defekter vil Suprabeam reparerer eller udskifte produktet.

13. Forbehold og ansvarsfraskrivelse
Suprabeam tager forbehold for eventuelle afgiftsændringer, pris- og korrekturfejl, tekniske fejl, udsolgte varer og force majeure, herunder arbejdskonflikt ved eller forsinkelse af leverancer fra underleverandører.

14. Ikræfttrædelse af handelsvilkår
Ovenstående handelsvilkår er gældende fra d. 15-05-2014.