suprabeam torch exploded view, with maintainance tips


  • 1. Are batteries covered by the 5 year warranty?

    Alkaline batteries are NOT covered by the warranty. Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries are covered against defects in workmanship or materials. This is a UK only warranty extension.

  • 2. Changing the angle of the headlamp

    The head can be easily rotated up to 90° to the front just by pulling it. The head will stay in the chosen angle.

  • 3. Headlamp Light Control Settings

    To turn on your V3-series, we added a safety-feature, so you have to click and hold for 1.2 seconds to turn the headlamp on.  We did this so you don't accidently turn on when you're traveling.

    Other functions of the ILC (Intelligent Light Control) include:
    - Click and hold for 1.2 seconds to use the memory function
    - Click and hold for 2.4 seconds to use the dim function Click once to turn the light off
    - Click and hold for 1.2 seconds to select BOOST
    - Click and hold for 2.4 seconds to select SOS
    - Click once to turn the light off
  • 4. How can I get extra batteries or spare parts?

    Virtually every component of your SUPRABEAM product is available separately. Please contact your individual retailer for assistance.

  • 5. How do I connect the V3pro series cable?

    If you have a V3pro series headlamp, you will need to connect the cable to both the battery pack and the headlamp before attempting to turn it on.

    Please follow these instructions:
    The short end of the cable has to be connected to the battery pack.
    The long end of the cable has to be connected to the headlamp.
    Make sure that you keep the end of the cable straight when connecting it. The connection can be done in one single move, without shaking or forcing the cable. Pushing the cable in an inclined position or forcing it may damage the pins inside the headlamp or the battery pack.

    The cable has two small feet that will fix it to the battery pack and headlamp. You might hear or feel a slight click when connecting the cable. This means that the cable is properly connected.
    If this did not help you with your problem, feel free to contact your Suprabeam dealer and they will assist you.

  • 6. How do I dispose of used alkaline batteries?

    These batteries should be recycled as they are considered to be hazardous waste. Typically you can recycle your batteries in most large supermarkets and at household waste recovery centres.

  • 7. How do I get the longest battery life?

    Many SUPRABEAM products have several light modes. Use the lowest light mode. This is very practical as this uses less power. Also, try to switch off completely when not required or periodically during use. This allows the battery to recover and prolongs its life.

  • 8. How do I know when rechargeable batteries are fully charged?

    All SUPRABEAM rechargeable products have a RED light when charging and a GREEN light when charged. All chargers switch off automatically when battery is fully charged.

  • 9. How do I switch between the flashlight / torch Light Modes?

    To switch between different light outputs, either press switch fully on and off within 3 seconds or half press repeatedly to cycle between modes. After 3 seconds of on or off, the product will return to the start of the cycle when next switched on.

    The different light functions are controlled by ILC = Intelligent Light Control

    Boost = Maximum output allowed by battery and LED 
    High = Sustainable high light output
    Medium = Medium light output, medium lifetime
    Low = Long term low light output
    Strobe = Flashing strobe light at 10 Hz

  • 10. How does the BOOST function work? (Selected products)

    On products with a BOOST function, this is the first function when switched on. BOOST lasts for about 3 minutes and then automatically reduces to the next mode to preserve battery power. BOOST can be reactivated by cycling through the modes back to the beginning.

  • 11. How will I know when battery power is running low?

    The light will gradually fade as batteries decline, change to new batteries when required. Headtorches will flash repeatedly to indicate low battery.

  • 12. I cannot adjust the length of the headband

    Make sure that the battery pack is placed over the long side of the headband, as shown below.

  • 13. I cannot change the focus on my headlamp

    The focus in the headlamps is retractile; it means you have to pull and push the head of the headlamp in order to adjust it. Turning the head of the headlamp does not change the focus.

  • 14. Keep your torch clean

    Make sure the torch is clean in its assembly unions, pay special attention to the union of the tail cap. Dirt on this area could impair the correct contact of the batteries.

  • 15. My headlamp doesn’t turn on

    There are several possible causes:

    1. Check the contacts
    You may need to clean them once in a while, or make sure that there is nothing obstructing them, such as the original protection tape.

    2. Check the batteries
    Make sure the batteries are properly placed. Follow the signs engraved in the battery pack, they show the correct position for the batteries. Check also that the tape has been removed. If you have a rechargeable battery, make sure it is charged.

    3. A contact is stuck
    For the rechargeable battery packs, it can occur that one of the pins gets stuck inside. You may need to push it in order for it to come back to its original position.

    4. Check the cable
    Make sure it is properly connected. Follow the instructions shown in the FAQ tab "How do I connect the V3 headlamp cable?"
    5. Press and hold the button for 1.2 seconds to turn the headlamps on
    On all headlamps in the V3-series we added a safety feature, to secure it doesn't turn on by accident in in your pocket or bag under transport. This is why you have to press and hold the button for 1.2 seconds before it turn on permanently. If you only press and release quick, it will just flash/blink and turn of again.
    For more information about headlamp light settings go to: "Headlamp Light Control Settings"

  • 16. My torch gets warm

    Optimal Heat Conduction*
    Each time you turn on your flashlight, heat with up to 85 degrees is created inside the LED Power-Chip. Therefore, on all our lamps we mount the LED on highly efficient heat-sinks from which heat is transferred to all metal parts for maximum cooling.

    Only this optimized SUPRABEAM cooling efficiency ensures long LED lifespan and world-class performance.

    *All our flashlights are tested not to exceed 45 °C (113 °F) on the core structure in an environment of 20 degrees Celsius. This applies despite being used with high-power rechargeable batteries, such as Li-Ion or NiMh.

  • 17. Placing the batteries in headlamps

    Pay special attention to the polarity of the batteries when placing them in the battery pack.
    Rechargeable batteries are charged inside the battery pack, when connecting the USB cable.

  • 18. Prolong your lithium battery life

    All our rechargeable products use lithium batteries, including (Q3r, Q4xr and Q7xr) which comes with a spare lithium battery as a standard, and have as a safety measure only batteries charged to 30% while being transported. If you only use one of the batteries, or if the spare/secondary battery is not used for a prolonged period it will discharge completely.

    Reguarly check your batteries
    The state of charge level should be checked regularly (every 3 months) and provision should be made for recharging the cells, before the cell voltage drops below the recommended minimum after which the cells suffer irreparable deterioration.

  • 19. Proper and safe handling of lithium batteries

    Proper and safe handling of rechargeable batteries

    Warning - Rechargeable battery Download the PDF about Proper and safe handling of lithium batteries

    • Do not leave batteries where the temperature may become high, Doing so may result in overheating, explosion or fire.
    • Do not disassemble, puncture, or damage the battery in any way.
    • Do not apply strong impacts to the battery.
    • Do not throw lithium-ion secondary batteries, drop them from high places, or otherwise subject them to strong impacts. Doing so may cause overheating, explosion or fire.
    • Do not recharge batteries where heat can build up
    • Do not place combustible materials on top of or over a lithium-ion secondary battery when recharging or discharging. Doing so may result in overheating, explosion or fire.

    For more information about safe handling of rechargeable batteries, please download the PDF or go to our safe battery handling page

  • 20. The back light is not working on my headlamp

    It may just be that it has been turned off. It can be turned on/off in two ways:

    • With the headlamp turned on, press and hold the button down for 3.6 seconds.
    • With the headlamp in SOS mode, press and hold the button down for 1.2 seconds.

    If this does not help, check the batteries.
  • 21. Warning - Never leave the torch turned on standing on a flat surface

    Never leave the torch turned on standing on a flat surface, such as a table or similar. The heat from the LED could damage the lens permanently.

  • 22. What does IPx4 protection mean?

    IP is ‘Ingress Protection’, a rating of the resistance of a product to solid particle and liquid ingress. SUPRABEAM does not test for solid particles, so rating is ‘x’. SUPRABEAM does test for liquid ingress and all products are rated ‘4’. To achieve level 4, the product is subjected to and must resist splashed water at a rate of 10 liters per minute for 5 minutes. In practice this makes SUPRABEAM products suitable all weather conditions

  • 23. What does the 5 year warranty cover?

    All parts and components of your SUPRABEAM product are warrantied against defects in workmanship or materials, but NOT accidental damage or misuse. For detailed information please contact the shop or dealer where you purchased your product.

  • 24. What is the best procedure for use of rechargeable batteries?

    Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries will work to maximum efficiency and longevity when allowed to completely discharge before charging back to full capacity. All SUPRABEAM rechargeable kits are supplied with two batteries to make this process easier to manage. Lithium-Polymer batteries (V3r) can be recharged at will without consequence.

  • 25. Why should I register my SUPRABEAM product?

    By registering your SUPRABEAM product, you help us to provide you with the support you need. Above that you will receive the latest information and news by e-mail. You can register online by clicking here >



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