The new ultra mini pen torch - Q1prime

Q1prime - the smallest torch we ever made

Ultra mini pen torch - Discover the new Q1prime webpage
The Q1prime is small in its size, but remains powerful and delivers a true Suprabeam quality light experience. It has a classic functionality with one step and essential fixed focus, which makes it highly suitable for keyring and easy to operate.

When we first designed the Q1prime, we wanted to create a new small pen torch fit for everyday life. This was not possible without a special lens, which is why we chose a lens with a 20 degree fixed focus beam - the perfect illumination for everyday situations. Its high efficiency comes to life, when you turn it on. The lens instantly gathers the LED's light in a powerful spotlight which is up to 9 times more powerful than a regular Smartphone!

The Q1prime is great for everyday usage and highly suitable for your keyring. You will always have a light in your pocket, which is actually useable when it is dark and you do not have to rely on a simple Smartphone camera light alone.

Q1prime Highlights - PDF DOWNLOAD 
● Twist switch in the lamphead
● 90 Lumens
● Fixed Spotlight
● Up to hour 5 hours
● High Strength Aluminium
● Temp: -20°C to +50°C